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  1. If you are installing packagecloud:enterprise for the first time (and not performing an upgrade of an existing installation) you can skip to the next 2step. If you are upgrading an existing installation, begin by running packagecloud-ctl reindex-everything in a screen session. This will re-index all repositories and may take some time. This step is required because new attributes will be set on all objects written to S3 so that CloudFront will cache objects correctly. Skipping this step will result in caching issues once CloudFront is enabled.

  2. Run packagecloud-ctl generate-cloudfront-secret and add generated secret to /etc/packagecloud/packagecloud.rb as instructed.

  3. Run packagecloud-ctl reconfigure

  4. Run packagecloud-ctl bootstrap-cloudfront and then run the generated command as instructed (see next step for an example).

  5. Run the generated command from step 4, which looks like packagecloud-ctl reconfigure-cloudfront-distribution arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:999999999999:function:packagecloud_cloudfront_auth:1' and add configuration values to /etc/packagecloud/packagecloud.rb as instructed.

  6. Run packagecloud-ctl reconfigure

  7. Run packagecloud-ctl restart