Administrator Dashboard

Enable admin access

Administrator access can be enabled by setting an attribute of admin: true to a user record, like so:

- {email: '', name: 'julio', password_digest: '$2a$10$WRkj4IZPu682w1R78OBFeuGdP.TR6c2dkXfb4Ru39wju9VYJSlaSC', admin: true }

After running packagecloud-ctl load-users, you should now see an Admin menu when logging in as that user.

Here is an overview of all the administration areas:

Indexer Status

This area provides a live view into the current status of all your workers. You can view pending jobs, and recently completed (or failed) jobs.


The Reindexer

Below the indexer status area, you will also find The Reindexer. This allows you to force a reindex if any repository/distrubution, which may only be required in rare circumstances.


This area shows what packages have been uploaded recently, for all repositories.


This area shows information about all of the recent package downloads, for all repositories.


This area shows all of the registerd users.