Upgrading from 2.0.4 to 2.05

This upgrade contains changes that may impact large deployments (those with more than 1000 packages and/or a large number of downloads). Please read this entire page carefully before continuing with the upgrade.

  1. Follow the instructions in the normal upgrade procedures up until step 3, before running packagecloud-ctl reconfigure

  2. (Optional) Read the page about disabling RPM and Debian file list metadata. If you plan on permanently disabling RPM and Debian file list metadata for all of your repositories, you can shave some time off the upcoming migration by truncating the Debian files table by running (only applies to users running the embedded mysql database):

    1. /opt/packagecloud/embedded/mysqlclient/bin/mysql -S /var/opt/packagecloud/lib/mysql/mysql.socket

    2. mysql> TRUNCATE packages_onpremise.deb_files;
      Note: This optimization CANNOT BE RUN for rpm_files, as some rpm_files rows are necessary for the correct operation of RPM packages, even if you wish to disable file list metadata permanently.

  3. When you run packagecloud-ctl reconfigure, database migrations will be applied that will result in the following tables being locked for writes until the migrations are completed:

    1. deb_files

    2. rpm_files

    3. public_downloads
      This means that package uploads or downloads will not work until packagecloud-ctl reconfigure is finished, which for large deployments could take some time. For reference, it took packagecloud.io about 40 minutes to apply these migrations, so plan accordingly.

  4. Run packagecloud-ctl restart as usual.